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What should be done at the end of robot welding of NC cutting machine?

Issuing time:2021-01-16 14:56

When the robot welding of NC cutting machine is coming to the end, we should pay attention to shortening its arc directly. In this respect, it will speed up the welding speed of NC cutting machine to a great extent. At the same time, it will make it to a great extent. The range of oscillation becomes narrower.

When the swing of NC robot reaches the end point, as far as welding machine is concerned, it will actually stop moving forward. At this time, it can actually shorten the arc and extinguish the arc directly. After a little condensation of the molten pool, it can start the arc welding wire, and when the molten pool is filled up, in fact. That is to say, the welding torch will be raised quickly.

Of course, when the CNC robot operates improperly on the welding end, there will be deep arc pits directly on the surface of the welding seam. In fact, there will be an increase in the stress of the arc pits. It is precisely because of this that, to a large extent, it will actually cause the end place to appear. Crackle. In addition, at the end, when the arc is pulled off prematurely, the liquid metal solidifies quickly, and the gas can not run out, leaving a gas hole in the weld.

In fact, when CNC robots weld low-carbon steel weldments, we should pay attention to filling the arc pit and then lead the arc to the basic metal next to the weld seam for finishing or welding wire in the forward position of 20-30 mm before finishing, which is very necessary.

CNC robot welding is easy to appear quenched medium carbon steel weldments, when the welding is finished, we should pay attention not to direct the arc to the end of the basic metal, to avoid the hardening cracks, for CNC robot welding, we can actually use continuous arc. The method is to fill the arc pit. Next, attention should be paid to pulling off the arc.

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